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25 things to know before you graduate from college

Pending one last exam season and the continued benevolence of fate, our son Vinnie will graduate from college in three weeks. Though his actual major remains somewhat murky to us, he is excited to make his way out into the world and, if his internship and work experience are any indication, we think he’s in great shape for wherever a Global Cultural Awareness degree takes him.

Still, there are a few last tidbits or parental wisdom we’d like to pass on before he leaves his collegiate cocoon:

1) Don’t be an hour counter, work until the job is done.

2) Celebrate family.

3) Try.

4) Recognize and nurture genuine friendship.

5) Put the toilet seat back down.

6) Taste your food. Chew slowly. Savor.

7) Call your mother.

8) Wash your hands.

9) Cover your mouth.

10) Brush your teeth.

11) Be kind.

12) Live your life with dignity.

13) Sprint to the finish.

14) Open the door for her.

15) Thank your teachers.

16) Stand straight and tall.

17) Listen. There are really cool stories everywhere.

18) Follow through.

19) Pay your bets and debts.

20) Offer up a prayer or two.

21) Sweat.

22) Surround yourself with good music

23) Apologize when you’re wrong.

24) Be generous.

25) Laugh.

Most importantly, as these pictures from last weekend’s final Fundamentally Sound show indicate, know you are loved.

Family shot Vinnie and Donna Vinnie and Erin Vinnie and Grandma Peggy Vinnie and the extended family Vinnie and the family Vinnie wit Steve and Cary Vinnie, Jenny and Erin Vinnie, Kathy, Keith and Traveian

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