A picture perfect Halloween

Halloween blew briskly down our street this year and threatened to send our little trick-or-treaters home early.

But, we’re made of sterner stuff here in Wisconsin and we love our holidays, our chocolate and our friends.

The Erb Park neighborhood did not disappoint last night. Wobbly toddlers in fuzzy costumes, cheerful chaperones, happy bands of teenagers and generous hosts lit Roosevelt Street up with joy.

My friend Carol manned her station down the street with full-sized candy bars, a giant crock of apple cider and a whole variety of apple cider enhancements for the adult trick-or-treaters.

“They’re handing out hot dogs on Grant Street” reported several happy trick-or-treaters who knocked on my door when we all discovered our doorbell had been accidentally painted silent this summer.

“Trick or Treat!”

I thought I’d take a just a few pictures while I manned the candy bowl at our house, but I got snap happy as cute families kept knocking on my door.

Please enjoy the following photos, evidence of the magic Halloween can bring to an ordinary street in the middle of town. (All photos taken with adult permission).


Wisconsin Halloween costumes combine creativity and warmth. I also loved the way these sisters accessorized their ensemble with purple pumpkins.


I worried about his line of vision, but this little guy navigated himself quite well.


Ahhh! How cute are these two??? (Also accessorized brilliantly with color-coordinated pumpkins.


The sweetest batman you’ll ever meet.


I loved the big groups of friends who came calling.


He skated his way through the neighborhood.


A cat and milk. So cute!


Rubik’s Cube.Very 80s and super cool.


I loved the police costume with the camo coat.


Color-coordinated sisters and a giant candy bag.


The Viking Brett Favre and a hot dog. Seemed about right (I am a Brett Favre fan, just not the purple variety). I did love these costumes.


Such a fun-loving family!


I had to look twice at this amazingly clever costume.


My friends Devon, Mason, Savannah and Violet came to visit again this year.


Our neighbors Sharon and Samantha.


I loved this costume.


Come on! How cute is this lion? And, she came with a whole pride!


Halloween is all about friendship, creativity and candy.


Mario and a unicorn…only on Halloween.


Vintage Aaron Rodgers with a 2013 shoulder injury and family.


Happy Halloween from our neighborhood to yours!




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  1. Gladys Wisnefski

    Thanks, this was sunshine while I watched the news report this morning. Inspiring photos.

  2. Wow! Today’s kids sure are creative!

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