Hip! Hip! Hooray! for Halloween

With five minutes to spare, I careened into the house, wearing a furry Chewbacca sweatshirt and lugging bags of candy.

Halloween snuck up on me this year but, with more than a half-century of experience, I whipped my house in shape just in time to have a thoroughly good time.  With the clock ticking until the first trick-or-treater arrived, I lugged the Halloween bin upstairs and said hello to my good friends, the Jack O’lantern, stuffed ghosts, and the red-headed witch.

Meanwhile, down the block, my friend Carol, who had been prepping for days, set up her traditional display of full-sized candy bars for the kids and adult beverages for the chaperones. We are a full service Halloween neighborhood.

I made my traditional pot of chili, and sat back to enjoy the show.

This year, in an effort to spread the Midwestern Halloween joy, I asked parents if I could take pictures of their little goblins.

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!


It was a perfect day for Halloween in our little neck of the woods.


We had minions and princesses…


Two kinds of jokers…


Peacocks and Olaf…


The friendliest frog…


The sweetest bumble bee…


Darling dogs…


A whole ninja family…


A base thief (Wanted for stealing bases)…


A princess and a sly fox…


A fireman and his firehouse…


A groovy granny and her snuggly carebear…


The queen of hearts…


Elsa and another Queen of Hearts…


A hilarious tableau. These kids crack me up every time…


I ran into a couple of Storm Troopers…


My friend Carol sets the tone in the neighborhood with her cauldron of full-sized candy (with organic fruit snacks for those who don’t want to indulge in the giant, chocolatey goodness). Her yard includes giant inflatables, and her cooler is full of beer, wine coolers and jello shots.


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  1. Gladys Wisnefski

    Thank you. It is great to see people with spirit supporting these events. Congratulations on your neighborhood also.

  2. We don’t have kids or grandkids, but I dress along with our dogs…”Rex” is normally timid but really got into greeting the kids. He would bark at the adults… as if to say, “You are too old to trick or treat!” LOL

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