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I’d rather be reading

My mother in-law bought me a T-shirt many years ago and I’m wearing it now.

“I’d rather be reading,” it says.

And, I would.

She bought it to celebrate our shared love of books and also because she was waging a sweet little “You’ve Got Mail” type protest in support of her local bookstore, which sold her the shirt.

I’m happy to say Anderson’s Bookstore in Naperville Illinois is still in business, despite the encroachment of a giant Barnes and Noble.

Score another one for Grandma Mary Jane, children’s book author and selective political activist.

I got to honor her the best way I know earlier this week when I had the pleasure of reading to a bunch of polite little peanuts. They wore cool light up shoes, asked interesting questions and hugged me when I was all through with the book.

One little girl asked me if I was a doctor. “Why, no,” I said, briefly flattered. “Because you smell like a hospital,” she said.

“Thank you?”

I genuinely loved my time with the little ones at the Salvation Army Child Care Center. They gamely hooted along with me as I read them one of my favorite children’s books, “Owl Moon,” even though another guest read them the exact same book just the day before.

What are the odds? There must be a million great children’s books out there.

They sat politely in their friendship circle and the five-year old group even asked for an encore.

I’d rather be reading and I’m very grateful to neighborhood bookstores, talented authors, feisty grandmas, and sweet little children with big imaginations and apparently strong senses of smell.

Vince and Molly reading

All of our kids loved the Arthur books.

Molly reading

Here is Molly at six-years old enjoying a summer afternoon reading.

Id rather be reading

I’d rather be reading. Here’s my vintage shirt…and that’s all you need to see of me in this early morning hour.

Haiku! God bless you (2)

I spent a little time yesterday sorting through some of my favorite pictures, thinking about my favorite people and places and writing haikus for them. It’s a relaxing little project I thoroughly enjoy.

I hope you do too.

Happy hump day!

Sunrise HaikuWeeping Willow HaikuRed Barn HaikuCancer Haiku


Liquid Courage

It’s hard to say who enjoyed the opening night of Liquid Courage last Friday more — the raucous bachelorette party who took up the entire first row, or me.

Thanks to my trusty camera and a far lower consumption rate than the aforementioned, I can say for sure that I will have a much easier time remembering the good time we all had.

There was the dancing Gimlet, the historically accurate Bloody Mary, the Fireball crooner, “Trust me you can dance, trust me you can sing,” and a montage of “the worst drinking night of my life.”

Billed as an interactive drinking show, and staged on Second City’s newly renovated Beat Lounge, Liquid Courage is also a fun, witty romp, which the non-drinking members of our party genuinely enjoyed as well.

If you’re in the Chicago area, we highly recommend you check out this show, conceived of and produced by our favorite duo, Pure & Weary.

These pictures will give you a taste and I’m including a short video as well. You have two more chances on the next two Friday nights to see the show. Here a link for tickets.

And here’s a little taste:

Meme, myself and I’m just happy it’s Friday

I caught a robin’s eye yesterday and we sadly shook our heads.

April in Wisconsin, man, it’s not for the faint of feather. I know this because my spiffy down coat has been molting since December.

I keep storing it away with my winter boots, and then hauling them back upstairs as another blustery front moves in.

The other day I overheard an argument among a bunch of cranky geese. “I told you it was too soon to come back,” they squawked loudly, pointing limp wings at their chagrined leader. I kind of sorry for the little guy. Gaggle haggles are the worst.

It’s been a miserable month full of stale snow and icy wind. We had politicians coming at us from every side and all that hot air just blew away, didn’t melt a thing. It hardly seemed fair.

So, I’ve been amusing myself with the steady stream of memes that have been decorating my newsfeed. I’ll say this for you, Wisconsin, you’re a little dismal right now but your meme game is on point.

I’m not clear on the meme copyright laws (I’m actually not even 100% sure how to pronounce the word.)

But, it seems to me if you post a meme you intend for it to be shared.

So, because it’s Friday, and it’s supposed to snow again, and everyone needs a good smile, I’m posting a few of my favorite memes.

Hope you enjoy.

And, for all you folks south and west of us, you’d better take good care of that lovely spring you’re enjoying. We’re going to need it one day.

But, just one day.

It’s Wisconsin, aina hey.

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