A wedding story told on the fabric of life

Six dresses formed perfect metaphors as we filed past on our way into Casey and Juston Johnson’s wedding reception Saturday.
Strong thread on delicate fabric, they represented love, perseverance, humor, frugality, faith and respect.
The dresses belonged to the mothers and grandmothers of the bride and groom, but their stories touched us all. Written in farmhouses, newsrooms, and neighborhoods all over Wisconsin, they shared themes of an honored God, respected husband and an infinitely well-loved family.
Like the marriages they represent, the dresses, some so tiny they required special manikins, required work — a mending here, a spot treatment there. But, on this special day, they glowed proudly in the soft light.
And they were built to last. All six brides enjoyed lifetime commitments; the parents of the couple brought a combined 75 years of marriage to the ceremony.
The bride wore a gorgeous gown; it’s modern combination of ruffles and flow complimented her perfectly.

Someday, no doubt, her dress will take its place along with all the others as a lasting symbol of genuine love.

The dresses

Six gorgeous gowns greeted guests as they arrived for the wedding reception.

Roman and MArion Salm

Roman and Marie Hietpas Salm Married in 1935. Dress cost $9, veil was the “pricey item” and tallied $11.

Eugene and Marge Higgins

Eugene and Margaret Rumbach Higgins. Married in 1949. “My mother never liked my dress. She thought it looked like a negligee. She wanted me to be all fluffy and curly.” Still spunky, Marge “Grammy” Higgins remains the life of the party.

Paul and Betty Johnson

Paul and Betty Pust Johnson Married in 1951. Dress cost $100. Her mother liked it but her father didn’t because he didn’t want her to get married and almost refused to walk her down the aisle.

Morris and Janice Eide

Morris “Bud” and Janice Jacobson Eide. Married in1956. The dress cost $50 on sale

Steve and Lynn Johnson (2)

Steve and Lynn Eide Johnson. Married in 1975. “The dress cost $52, just $1 more than my prom dress the year before. I didn’t like the high crown of the veil but Mom said I had to get that one because it matched the dress.”

Glenn and Anne HIggins

Here’s the young looking mother of the bride, Anne Higgins, posing with her dress. Glenn and Anne Salm Higgins. Married in 1980. “The dress and veil were featured in Bride Magazine and cost a jaw dropping $300. Glenn thought the price was outrageous.”

Casey and Glenn

Casey gave her dress a workout on the dance floor. Here she is dancing with her dad, Glenn.

Grammy Dancing

And, speaking of the dance floor, Grammy owned it.

Casey and the dresses

Seven dresses and a gorgeous bride.


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  1. Kathy Kostelnik Finley

    I love this idea! What a tribute!

  2. All very beautiful dresses…unbelievable that they were all still able to be shown…Lovely bride.

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