A tip of the hat to the ladies of the Lombardi era

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Molly B and Me

We toasted the Glory Years this weekend, a nearly decade long run during which Green Bay won two Super Bowls and three NFL titles.

That this celebratory time in Green Bay occurred during the 1960’s, a turbulent time in America, made the run infinitely more interesting.

Led by a charismatic coach, the Packers made history both on and off the field. Hall of Famer and defensive captain Willie Davis and guard Jerry Kramer, for instance, became two of the first interracial roommates in the NFL.

In 1965 Packer defensive end Lionel Aldridge had to ask for permission to marry his college sweetheart Vicky, and, according to her, Coach Lombardi did not hesitate to give the interracial couple his blessing.

Lombardi’s Packers bonded naturally as teammates and five-time champions, while the Packer wives, most of them very young and far from home, formed lasting ties as well.

This weekend the Packer…

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