Songs in the Key of Life

Music pulses through our city on sweet summer nights.

From open bar doors, hot garages, and billowed curtains; big bands and Tiny Turtles, pipe organs and steel guitars; on creaky porch swings, old pianos, and bongo drums beats our song,

We celebrate harmony here. At our heart stands a nearly 100-year old chapel with magical acoustics and a 41-stop organ. To the east grows the Refuge, an artistic sanctuary and song writer’s breeding ground. And, to the west shines Houdini Plaza, hopping on a hot Thursday night.

We hit all three spots this week, in gluttonous consumption of live music. The contrast of performances delighted us.

We saw Dawes with the Lone Bellow Friday night and danced in the chapel aisles. Sunday afternoon, we felt as though we were sitting in Cory Chisel’s living room (and we kind of were) as we listened to a “Natural Voices” installment featuring Cory, Sam Winch and Susan Howe.

Last night, we hit Houdini Plaza for the Thursday Night Concert series featuring Cool Waters.

We’re spoiled here and we know it. We can walk from our house to downtown Appleton and catch live music any night.

Street musicians peddle melodies for a couple of bucks in an open guitar case. Writers test their tunes. A song we hear today at the Stone Cellar or Bazil’s might score a movie or television show we watch next year.

Mile of Music starts in two weeks, and we’ll be pre-gaming until then as often as we can.

Rock on, Appleton.

We’re proud to know you.

Summer hiatus 118

Zach Williams of the Lone Bellow began his artistic journey as a poet. The group sings with passion and joy and we loved them.

Summer hiatus 196

So, I’m not sure who this is, but he played with Dawes and he was an excellent guitar player, really talented.

Summer hiatus 209

Cory Chisel, Dawes keyboardist Tay Strathairn, and Dawes lead singer and guitar player Taylor Goldsmith shared a tune. It really was a great, energetic evening.

Summer hiatus 202

Dawes drummer Griffin Goldsmith and bass player Wylie Gelber rocked out at Memorial Chapel.


Sam Winch kicked off a quieter evening at the Refuge. He played an acoustic set featuring songs from a musical he’s writing featuring the Lullabadeer.

Chisel Family

We felt like we were in a neighbor’s living room as we listened to acoustic sets. Here, Rhodes Wilder Chisel helps his dad and mom, Adriel Denea, sing a tune.

Artist in residence

The concert was a fund-raiser for the Artist in Residence program at the Refuge and 16-year old Jack played a few songs that demonstrated the significance of this program.

Cool trio

Cory Chisel, Jack, and Jon Wheelock formed a lovely, powerful trio.

Here’s a little taste of the Lone Bellow testing the Memorial Chapel acoustics:


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