We resurrected a lamb

Resurrecting this post in honor of Good Friday…

Molly B and Me

On a hectic Easter morning two years ago, my son Vinnie and I resurrected a lamb.

Like most metaphorical projects, ours began with a casual request.

“Could you bring a lamb cake?” asked my sister in-law and Easter hostess, Donna.

Happy to support the nostalgic inclinations of my in-laws, I readily agreed (even though the last time I jumped on a Biskupic culinary trip down memory lane I spent a chunk of time and finger skin de-clawing lobster tails.)

But I digress.

For this project, we needed a lamb cake tin so I borrowed one from my friend Jeannie, who borrowed it from her mother, who inherited it from her Grandma. This tin brought a lot of history to my house. It also brought Jeannie, who wanted to supervise the process and, I assume, keep an eye on the antique tin.

We used the official lamb cake recipe, which came…

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  1. Donna Biskupic


    Thank for reposting. Very funny. If I remember it was tasty. Just to clarify, I expected you to find a bakery that sold the cakes. The Biskupic family never owned the lamb pan. Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty.



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