A warmer Ice Bowl

With members of the Packer team that played in the original game looking on and the weather hovering well above that game’s -13 mark, Ice Bowl II took on a much warmer tone yesterday.

Cowboy fans sauntered around Lambeau, mingling happily with their Packer brethren, mugging for pre-game pics and trading good-natured barbs.

The similarities between the two games abounded — the icy bleacher seats, the legendary quarterbacks, the one-yard, goal-line plays that inspired endless post-game chatter.

But there were differences as well. The field itself, though still the original hallowed ground, enjoyed an elegant upgrade, while fans dressed in a decidedly less sophisticated manner, with trench coats and bowler hats giving way to puffy coats and pelts.

Enjoy these pictures of a great game and Go Pack Go!!

The sibs

Though we give her grief because she only shows up for the post-season games, my sister Jenny added a lot of fun to the occasion. The youngest of us four siblings, she took her customary spot in the front row when she paused for a photo with my sister Kathy, brother Mike and me.

Kathy goes nose to nose

Kathy bravely went nose-to-nose with a Cowboy fan on our way into the stadium.

Tailgate host

Here we are with our tailgate host, Gregg.


We did a little old school tailgating, with some throw back jerseys.

Vince and me

Vince wore fleece, I wore two winter coats.

Wookie fan

And then we ran into a Yeti, who turned out to be a Packer fan. Whew!

Packer flag

The one and only America’s team.

Hey Aaron

I thought this sign was cute.

Cowboy fan

We ran into some friendly Cowboy fans…

Good Ole Boy

…and some scary ones.

Cowboy fans  2

And we sat behind these guys, who had their players covered.(Note the blue cheeseheads on the little guys. I’m sure it was meant as a slight. I’m a Roquefort girl, though, so I kind of liked them.)

Tundra Towel

This is a Tundra Towel, we think. We have developed a speedy entrance into the stadium that bypasses the lines, but also, occasionally, bypasses the give-aways.

Cowboy fans Dez-tiny

Ouch. This turned out to be true thanks to a good call on a bad rule.

Ice Bowl 002

An old school tribute.

Ice Bowl 116

It’s not a Packer game without a pelt or two.


Home of the brave

The home of the brave, man. Just try to beat us.

helmet warmers

I’m not sure what Coach Lombardi would say about these helmet warmers the Cowboys trucked in.

Lombardi Legends

It was especially cool to see Dave Robinson, Donny Anderson, Jerry Kramer, Boyd Dowler and Chuck Mercein, whose dignified presence lent a classy air to the game. Go Pack Go!



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  1. Hello, My name is Jack Robbins, if you are interested, i’ve been posting on facebook, at Laura’s and Jenna’s facebook pages, some photos I collected over the years of Ron Kolstelnik…..He represents all the good about the Lombardi Era Packers…I just wanted to share these photos with you as you
    may not have ever seen some of them………

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