We’re all fired up for 2015

We sprinted to the finish of 2014, two whirling dervishes of Christmas cheer.

Like gangly elves, we shopped and shipped, cooked and cleaned, tasted and toasted, waited and welcomed, cheered and chose.

We high-fived as we passed in chaotic hallways, giddy on the adrenalin of a full house.

“This is awesome!” we said as we set tables sagging with food and shared lingering meals with the people we love.

For nearly two glorious weeks, we rolled

And then, yesterday morning, I opened one sleepy eye and saw the sun poking through the bedroom shades. I noted the wind rattling a loose storm window, as, slowly, the glorious realization dawned.

I had absolutely nothing, not one thing, to write on the day’s to do list.

No alarm.

No deadline.

Not one reason even to open the front door.

So, we didn’t.


New Year’s Day, for us, turned out to be one, long, magnificent jammy day.

Our game day gear? Rumpled flannel. Go Badgers!

We’ve read all the New Year admonishments — throw off the bow lines and all.

We absolutely intend to get out there and do that.


Meanwhile, we’re all tucked in with Netflix and some great college football games, leftovers and a cool kitchen torch, and we intend to enjoy them.

Christmas Eve 2014 008

We’d planned an elegant dessert for this meal, but not one single person saved one tiny bit of room for it. So, one night, all flanneled up, Molly, Katherine and I fired up my kitchen torch and had Baked Alaska for absolutely no reason at all.


Separating the eggs

An artful and intended photographic decapitation. Step one of the Baked Alaska meringue is separating the eggs. Step One of hosting a blog is making sure there are no unflattering pictures of your sleepy face.

Skepticism from Molly

Molly was a teeny bit concerned about my suitability to handle to kitchen torch.

The meringue

But I meringued that baby up and…

Finishing touches

…let ‘er rip. So fun!

Flammin flannel

Katherine gave it a whirl too.


It’s actually one of the simplest of the elegant desserts. It’s a brownie base. with molded (not moldy) ice cream — I used Gilles Frozen Custard and for added decadence I stirred in some Ghiradelli chocolate chips. The meringue is egg whites, cream of tartar, vanilla and sugar. You can toast it in your oven for three or four minutes, but the blow torch is much more fun.

The leftovers

Turned out to be the perfect Jammy day dessert,



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  1. Love jammy days & the desert looks delicious. Happy New Year!

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