How lovely are your branches

My friend Tami and I popped into the Festival of Trees yesterday afternoon in search of a little joyeux noel at the end of another crazy week.

We wandered easily through a range of trees that expressed all the whimsy, grace, beauty, creativity and enjoyment of this festive season. My favorite tree stood stately with real instruments nestled in its branches. Tami admired a woodland themed tree with birch branches springing from its crown.

Each told the story of the season, and the artists who designed it. One designer formed a tree of cellos and lit it with white twinkle lights, another built one entirely of full wine bottles, while others featured children’s toys.

Naturally, the display included a Packer tree, complete with a helmet crown.

Upstairs, we found an equally diverse collection of hand-made wreaths.

Patrons bid on the trees and wreaths, with all proceeds going toward the Fox Cities Building for the Arts.

There’s still time to view the exhibit, which runs through Saturday, though final bidding for the items ended last night.

Meanwhile, enjoy a few pictures from our afternoon stroll.

Cello Tree

I knew Molly would love this cello tree.

Dr. Suess

We loved the whimsy and cheerful color of this Dr. Seuss tree.

Disney Princess Tree

And, I’m sure, this Disney Princess tree appealed to lots of little girls but…

Creepy Ariel

I have to honest, this one freaked me out a little.

Children's tree

I guess I’m more of a traditionalist. I loved this crayon-topped children themed tree.

Concert Tickets

And I thought this musically-themed tree, with its secret, embedded concert tickets, was really clever.

Twig tree

This tree looked more magical in person; its birch branch topper was quite eye-catching.

Music tree

This tree was my favorite, with whole instruments, including an old piano, embedded in its branches and a sheet music star.


A  realviolin ornament and musical garland. It was a very impressive display!


Knitting wrreath

Not a knitter myself, but I did love this knitting themed wreath.

Wine Tree

The wine bottle tree had its own brand of charm.


I also liked this peacock wreath.

Nature wreath

And, though I’m not sure where I would hang this enormous wreath, I liked it too.

Marilyn Monroe

But my favorite wreath, because I had a little fun with it, was this Marilyn Monroe themed wreath. Look closely and you may find your fearless blogger somewhere in those branches.


We haven’t even picked out our tree yet, but I love the annual unwrapping up each precious ornament and the memories those little gems bring.


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  1. So beautiful! All of them!!!

  2. I love “theme” trees…. Shows such creativity!!

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