An open thank you note to the four people brave enough to call me Mom

Today, I’m toasting my four children and the happy fact that I’ve been hosting Mother’s Day celebrations every single day since July 8, 1987.

Thank you to Charlie, Katherine, Vinnie and Molly:

  • For eating my homemade chocolate chip cookies even though I almost always burnt the last pan.
  • For storming in the front door, stomping up the steps, slamming the bedroom door, grabbing a fat pencil and writing in your shaky second-grade hand “I’m mad, o.k.?” on a paper airplane and shooting it downstairs.
  • For wearing beaded anklets to play in the city championship and reminding all those screaming parents that you were just a bunch of little kids hitting a softball off a T.
  • For jumping on your training-wheeled bike and hustling off to school when I realized too late that I’d lent my car to your older brother. Then saying, as I frantically jogged along beside you, “Well, this is a fun little adventure, isn’t it?”
  • For thanking Santa when he gave you a poem instead of the Wii you’d asked for, because his non-confrontational helper let someone grab the very last Wii in the entire world right out of her hands at an exhausted Target store during the great Wii Christmas run of 2006.
  • For looking down at your ordinary khaki pants and everyday blue shirt and saying, when we saw all those other little girls in their pretty dresses and remembered it was a dress-up day, “It’s okay, Mommy. I think I look nice today anyway.”
  • For writing, casting and producing your own school play after you didn’t make the community theatre play, but your little sister did (even though the audition notice called for boychoir type boys and you were a member of the Appleton Boychoir and she wasn’t even a boy).
  • For not being mad when I found you standing alone on the playground one day, the last to be picked up from school.
  • For forgiving me much faster than I forgave myself when I turned in your permission slip late and your teacher wouldn’t let you go on your third grade field trip.
  • For the fat penguin.
  • And the homemade cards.
  • And the macaroni necklaces.
  • And the dandelion bouquets.
  • And the tea parties.
  • And Biskupic Family Fun Nights.
  • And the butterfly kisses.
  • And the mud pies.
  • For growing up to be the kind of cool, funny, gentle people with whom I love to share a dinner table.

Thanks, man, for the endless privilege of being your mom.

Charlie's baptism

Here I am demonstrating the Dr. Spock approved squash-you-baby-under-your-armpit-hold, while Vince could not possibly be a more wide-eyed new father.

Grumpy Katherine

Those sweet little babies land in our family and aren’t sure what to make of it all at first.

Baby Katherine and me at the farm

I love this picture because my dad took it and because I can’t stop looking at how tiny Katherine’s hand is on mine.

Glendale house

It was a crazy little house, but we sure had fun!

When Vinnie was born

…And then Vinnie came along and I really had my hands full. This picture is a perfect snapshot — Charlie appears to be sound asleep, Katherine is mugging for the camera, and Vinnie is squished in the middle.

Wii Wii note

Worst Christmas present ever! It’s bad enough that I dropped the ball, but, in line four, I actually blamed the poor kid. I kept this note for all these years because I knew it was ridiculous when I wrote it. Poor Vinnie actually thanked Santa for this absurd little ditty.

Christmas 2008 012

They’re a wacky bunch but I’m thrilled they’re mine.

Random family photos 2008 (including first day of school) 011

Again with the American Gothic. They’re all great cooks, though, and someday their spouses (God willing) will thank me for that.

Football parent night 2008 005

Look closely at this picture of Vinnie’s football parent’s night. Do you notice something odd? That’s right, we’re all wearing different numbers. A chip off the old block, the kid switched jerseys, then lost his midway through the season. I’m wearing 57, Vinnie’s wearing 68 and Molly is wearing 77.

Family shot

Am I lucky, or what?

Oh, and about that time in Sheboygan when I made you all look directly into the sun for a classic family photo and I forced my eyelids open by sheer force of will but the rest of you all ended up squinting in pain? Thanks for that too.

Oh, and about that time in Sheboygan when I made you all look directly into the sun for a classic family photo and I forced my eyelids open by sheer force of will but the rest of you all ended up squinting in pain? Thanks for that too.


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  1. Loved your blog here and the overview and posts you share.
    (Regards :

  2. This is a great post. I can totally relate as a mother of four. What a blessing.

  3. I love your pics. And I can totally identify with your list. I’ve always told my four children that although I was sure I was making lots of mistakes, I always tried my best to do what was right.

  4. You are blessed with a beautiful family inside and out 🙂 I love that you’re all so close and appreciative of life…thank you for sharing these wonderful photos and memories. It makes me heart glad knowing there are families out there with honest, loving bonds.

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