One last squeeze of sweet southern sunshine

We squeezed the last taste of Florida sunshine into pitchers Sunday afternoon as a stiff wind blew over dirty snow outside our window.

We define spring a little more broadly here in Wisconsin, where we won’t see a blade of green for at least a few more weeks.

Certainly, we miss the feel of sunshine on our face, but we can approximate that the same way dogs do, by tilting our faces up through closed car windows.

We also miss the smells of spring — wet grass, warm rain, sweet lilacs and barbecues.

Turns out, we can conjure that too.

Yesterday we enjoyed a tasty summer barbecue on a frosty afternoon. The charcoal scented air seemed festive and warm; it almost made me forget the nearly frostbitten right hand I’d developed on my afternoon photo walk. With the last of our fresh Florida citrus, I made orange juice (for Molly) and grapefruit margaritas (for Vince and me). We had grilled burgers, with asparagus and grilled potatoes.

So, we can taste spring as well.

What we can’t do, with snow showers still in the forecast, is feel spring. We’re anxious for that spring, the light-jacket-pretty-skirt-soft-breeze-take-a-walk-after-dinner spring. The green-shoots-soft-dirt-clean-air-warm-sun kind of spring. The shirt-sleeved-open-toed-yes-you-need-a-pedicure kind of spring. The bike-ride-roller-blade-long-hike-sweet-sweat spring. The window-open-top-down-counting-stars spring.

Until then, this grapefruit margarita (recipe courtesy of Ina Garten, though I cut it in half because it was a school night) will have to do.


Spring Burger

I can’t describe how delicious this burger tasted. I have not had a grilled burger in months. The grapefruit margarita was not too shabby either.

Spring Baseball

Softball season opens, appropriately, on April Fool’s day. The fields are all still covered.

Spring Soccer

I’m not sure there’s anything hardier than a spring soccer player in Wisconsin. Brrr.

Spring Tennis

The nets aren’t even up yet and the tennis courts are still covered.

We are on track for a late start to the spring high school sports season.

We are on track for a late start to the spring high school sports season.

Spring Orange Juice

Thanks to these babies, the last of our Florida loot, we enjoyed a sweet sip of southern sunshine.


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  1. I’m waaaay upstate in NY. I feel your pain. Come on Spring!

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