Sounds of the Winter on Christmas Eve

A bright, holiday sun lured us out for a Christmas Eve walk and my oldest daughter Katherine and I obediently obliged.
Not four blocks into our excursion, we realized our mistake as a biting wind rendered our lips and legs numb and reduced our cheery chat to monosyllabic mutterings.
“Brrr,” I said.
“Yeah,” Katherine replied.
Turns out everyone else in our active town had gotten the “yikes the temperature has dipped memo” leaving Katherine and me to stroll the streets solo.
Literally, we did not see a single other human being out on our hour-long walk through the city.
Frostbite aside, we thoroughly enjoyed the view. Snow crystals dressed up frozen branches and garland twinkled. We walked through a winter wonderland, with front porches all gussied up for Christmas and city parks pristine under the freshly fallen snow.
Walt Whitman said, “Thou shalt perceive the simple shows, the delicate miracles of earth.”
This was the first gift of Christmas for us, the quiet calm before the storm of food, family, faith and fun.
Please enjoy this simple show, a few pictures of the delicate miracles of earth.

Frozen Walk Christmas garland

Snow covered garland decorated our path as we made our way through a frozen city.

Frozen Walk Christmas house

We passed this beautiful Christmas house and nearly popped in, uninvited, for a holiday nog.

Frozen Walk Christmas Tree

Oh Tannenbaum, oh tannenbaum, how frozen are your branches.

We strolled through a frozen and particularly beautiful City Park.

We strolled through a frozen and particularly beautiful City Park.

Frozen Walk Connie's house

No post about a seasonal walk would be complete without a picture of our neighbor Connie’s always festive house.

Frozen Walk garland

How beautiful is this Christmas Eve view? (We are two miles in at this point and can’t feel our faces.)

Frozen Walk Katherine and Me

With our ruddy faces and running noses, this is the only shot we’ll sanction of Katherine and me on our Christmas Eve stroll. It wasn’t pretty, we don’t recommend it, we once participated in a polar plunge that felt a little toastier, but we thoroughly enjoyed it. Merry Christmas!

Frozen Walk Peabody Park

This is the Peabody Park on Christmas Eve.

Frozen Walk River

I love this view during any season. Here is the Christmas Eve 2013 version.


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  1. Beautiful pics! We have only had one white Christmas in Nashville in my whole life, so I am a little jealous… 🙂

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