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Fahoo Fores, Dahoo Dores Welcome Christmas, Christmas day

Sounds of the Winter on Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas from Molly B, Me and our whole family. Go Pack Go!

God bless us, everyone

How many Kostelniks does it take to screw up an Italian Christmas cake?

City Sidewalks dressed in holiday style

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Happy birthday to a legendary Packer fan

We’re re-blogging this today in honor of John Spalding’s 84th birthday. Happy birthday John!

Molly B and Me

One of the greatest Packer fans and kindest people we know turns 82-years old tomorrow.
John Spalding officially joined our family in 1971 when he and his wife Pat stood as godparents to my youngest sister. He legally became a member of our family 24 years later when, following the deaths of their respective spouses, he and my mother married.
Through all of those years, he has treated our family with love and respect.
Each year at Christmas John gives my siblings and me a special gift honoring the memory of our father. One year he commissioned an artist to create a beautiful scrapbook with copies of the photos and mementos my mom had collected through the years. Another year, he gave each of us a framed picture of our dad, RonKostelnik, tackling former Chicago Bear great Gale Sayers, autographed by Mr.Sayers.
A successful businessman, John spent his Sundays from 1960…

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Happy birthday Vinnie. Veni, Vidi, Vici …Risi

Great Roby at the Mic