A Tale of Two Bear Fans

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times in our little corner of section 117 at Lambeau Field Monday night. We had everything before us, and then we had nothing before us.

The best of times ended with 12:38 remaining in the first quarter when our invincible quarterback broke his collarbone, a news bulletin brought to us by the deliriously happy and socially connected Bear fan sitting to our left. Such is the bizarro news media world in which we live, where our gate keepers chug brewskis and live tweet with their sources.

We enjoyed that Bear fan and his merry band of revelers. Though he attributed his vast NFL knowledge to gambling, “I’m an avid Fantasy Football player, man, I know what I’m talking about,” he did cite some impressive stats. We liked bantering with him and with his quieter buddies, who paid nearly a thousand dollars for three tickets to the game.

The worst of times began with the obnoxious Bear fan (it’s not redundant, trust me) seated just to our right. By far the foulest fan we’ve encountered in the 20 years we’ve sat in those seats, he slurred, twerked, grabbed, fell, panted and boasted about the size of body parts no one else cared to discuss. I’m sure the button he proudly wore, “Suck my Ditka” was not sanctioned by any legendary coach or tight end I know.

Here’s how karma works in NFL stadiums: Charming Bear fan (see there, I said that) to our left got to celebrate a momentous win for his beloved Bears right on the hallowed though still bench seats at Lambeau. Obnoxious Bear fan (again, not redundant) to our right found himself awkwardly escorted from the stadium by two security guards midway through the third quarter.

Like I said, the best of times and the worst of times, the age of wisdom and the age of foolishness.

We’ve had some Dickensian times here in Packerland, where our roster is running thinner than Oliver Twist’s gruel. But we’ve always been a rally team — remember in 1995 when Reggie White suffered a season ending injury, healed himself and we won the NFC Central division? Or the next year when Antonio Freeman broke his arm, played with a cast and we won the Super Bowl?

Let’s pray our 2013 season of darkness lasts just this one game and the spring of hope returns in time for the playoffs.

Go Pack Go!

This fan gets the award for most revolting ticket holder at Lambeau Field.

This fan gets the award for most revolting ticket holder at Lambeau Field.

Packers vs. Bears 2013 057

Here he is being helped back to his feet by a good Samaritan Packer fan.

Packers vs. Bears 2013 058

In the end, a pair of Bear fans texted security and Mr. Obnoxious made his way out, courtesy of the strong arms of Lambeau security.

Happy Bear fan

To our left, though, was this charmer. We enjoyed him and his running commentary about his beloved Bears. Hopefully, we’ll see him at Soldier Field some day and we can return the favor.

So, this is not from the Bears game, because my sister Kathy and I had our hands full negotiating our rowdy seatmates. But this is us from a previous game and, if your find yourself anywhere near section 117 at Lambeau on a home game, you'll find us there. Come say hello.

So, this is not from the Bears game, because my sister Kathy and I had our hands full negotiating our rowdy seatmates. No time for selfies. But this is us from January of 2012 (a Giant disappointment) and, if you find yourself anywhere near section 117 at Lambeau on a home game, you’ll see us there. Come say hello. We’ll be nice, even if you aren’t wearing green and gold. We promise.


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  1. Wow those are awesome seats

  2. My best friend has Colts seasons tickets. Every year she takes me to the Titans/Colts game in Indy. We have often discussed proper visiting fan etiquette- You may cheer, but don’t be obnoxious. Absolutely no taunting the home team’s fans! If someone makes fun of your team, you are allowed to defend them, but try to use humor, not foul language. I must say, the Colts fans at Lucas Oil Stadium have always been quite pleasant to me. I cannot say the same for the other visiting Titans fans- one scary redneck man we deemed “from Kentucky,” as I didn’t want him associated with my home state. I am sorry for your experience with Mr. Obnoxious and about Aaron Rodger’s collarbone. Here’s hoping he has a quick recovery, both for the sake of the Packers and my pitiful fantasy team.

    • Thanks Heather. I think that broken collarbone messed up many a fantasy roster (including the Bear fan to our left, who had started Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson Sunday). Good luck to your Titans. Hope to see ya’ll in the playoffs.

  3. Another great story! Brings back great memories when my dad was still here & had tickets in section 19. Taking the back roads to Green Bay, getting there in time for dad to have his coffee & hot dog. He wasn’t able to see the new construction, but I’m sure he is sitting with Vince watching in the best seats of all.

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