Chasing rainbows on Iguazu Falls

I spent a couple of merry afternoons chasing rainbows in Argentina and Brazil, pinning them with a bulky camera lens and bringing them home.

Left eye squinted shut, right eye trained on the spectacular view of Iguazu Falls, I watched the rainbows stretch out shyly, faded streaks over pounding water. Iguazu Falls means “Big Water” and they stretch across the border between Brazil and Argentina, separating the Iguazu River into upper and lower levels.  One of the new seven wonders of the world, Iguazu Falls span nearly two miles and, even without the rainbows, the falls paint a stunning picture.

The weather turned out to be perfect the entire two days we spent on the Iguazu River. The sun rose and the rainbows grew more and more brilliant, preening with increasing confidence as I dashed around snapping their pictures. Eventually, the rainbows stood strong and proud before me, a giddy, appreciative audience of one, thrilled to catch them in my viewfinder.

Maybe, because I live in an area of the world in which weather can be cruel and days can be cold and dreary, I worship rainbows. I love their capricious nature, and their breathtaking display of colors. I believe in the promise of rainbows, that serenity follows storms, light follows darkness, laughter follows tears.

I see a rainbow and I smile, pausing for a life-affirming moment of gratitude and joy.

Last week on two sunny days in Argentina and Brazil, I caught a couple of rainbows. Today, I’m sharing them with you. Enjoy.

Here's a pretty shot of the falls on the Argentine side before the rainbows came to play.

Here’s a pretty shot of the falls on the Argentine side before the rainbows came to play.

double rainbow double falls

Same spot later in the afternoon. A couple of my rainbow friends showed up and went dancing over the water.

Rainbow over the falls

Look at these beautiful rainbows stretching out over the falls!

The rainbow on the Brazilian side

This is a rainbow I shot from the Brazilian side of the falls. If the picture is a little blurry, it’s because I’m getting sprayed from a pounding waterfall at my back, I was pretty giddy about the whole thing and got soaked, even though we had to fly out later that day. I have no self control.

NO post about Iguazu Falls would be complete without a shot of Devil's Throat, the pounding falls that straddles Brazil and Argentina.

No post about Iguazu Falls would be complete without a shot of Devil’s Throat, the pounding falls that straddle Brazil and Argentina.

This is my mom on the upper trail of the Argentina side of Iguazu Falls.

This is my mom on the upper trail of the Argentina side of Iguazu Falls.

Fred Marilyn mom Howard Norton

This is my mom with our new friends Fred, Marilyn, Howard and Norton at a peaceful spot on the Iguazu Falls lower trail. Our group returned to the hotel after our hike, but I went back with my camera and spent a few happy hours chasing rainbows.

Early rainbows

I found some rainbows here.

Soaked by the falls

This is me in front of Devil’s Throat on the Brazilian side. Like I said, no self-control. I knew we were going directly to the airport from this little tour and I got soaked anyway. It was such a beautiful day, though, and I loved every minute of it.


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  1. Carol Biskupic Knight

    Loved this so much that I decided to make my inaugural comment to your blog! Rainbows and waterfalls are two of my favorite things! Thanks for capturing the beauty of the two together! What a treat on a rainy Portland morning. Would love one of those pictures as a background for my cell phone! I’ll go rainbow chasing with you anytime! Many thanks for the posting! Carol

  2. Love, love, love the waterfall and rainbow pictures!!

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