All good gifts

Today we are celebrating our 300th post and the second anniversary of this blog by announcing the winner of our Molly B and Me care package.

We imagine our day-one followers might be joining us in a collective prayer that this particular care package will enjoy smoother sailing than some of the others we’ve written about here. Recall the $100 chocolate fudge cake that arrived in Florida a mangled mess, or the unappealing, sodden mess of a package that arrived after a circuitous route through hurricane-shocked Manhattan.

This time, we vow our carefully baked goodies will arrive intact, even if we have to walk them to kathy8539 ourselves, which reminds us, kathy8539, please contact us at to receive your prize. Fear not, we won’t show up at your doorstep. We’ll mail it today if you contact us soon and thank you very much for following our blog.

As we reflect on the gifts we’ve sent, and those we’ve received via this little blog, we feel incredibly grateful. There are the physical gifts – whisks, aprons, oven mitts, food processors, cookbooks, blending wands, decorating pipes, cutting boards and a beautiful marble rolling pin. We love and use these every day.

Even more than those fantastic items, we appreciate the intangible gifts, primarily, the opportunity to use carefully chosen written words to build friendships.  We like to tell stories, to celebrate the interesting people we know and to chuckle at the ridiculous situations in which we find ourselves.

That our stories find their way to you via this little blog thrills us every day. We enjoy Ann’s “favorite line” comments and the way Grandma Mary Jane makes sure she has access to the Internet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning so she can read Molly B and Me.

We’ve never met Kathryn Z. but we look forward to her cheerful comments on our blog and Reasons Mommy Drinks, we’ve never met you either but we really like your blog and we appreciate that you follow ours.

The WordPress community has turned out to be an engaging, intelligent and entertaining group and we’ve really enjoyed getting to know fellow bloggers as well.

Here are a few you might enjoy following too:


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On our best day, 520 people read our blog, on our slowest day fewer than 25 stopped by for a visit. While it’s fun to watch the clicks add up, we mostly just enjoy writing about good recipes, good people, good memories and good times. In the end, for us, it’s all about love.

Thanks for reading. We hope you’ll stick around for the next 300 posts.

For Molly's birthday last week, she received some wonderful blog-themed presents including a pie cookbook and a football oven mitt. Which reminds us, opening day of the Packer season is Sunday. Go Pack Go!

For Molly’s birthday last week, she received some wonderful blog-themed presents including a pie cookbook and a football oven mitt. Which reminds us, opening day of the Packer season is Sunday. Go Pack Go!


Molly made two small loaves of bread, a lemon mint and a rosemary and feta cheese variety. I added chocolate chip, pecan and cherry cookies and some peanut butter granola. This is the Molly B and Me winning care package that we’re sending to Kathy8539.


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  1. We love you guys too!! Thanks so much for the shout out. We are cheers-ing you with a cocktail! (okay, it’s coffee, after all it’s still before noon. Sigh).

  2. Thanks for mentioning me! I love your blog too!

  3. Congratulations on your milestone of 2 yrs. and 300 posts. I’m glad I found your blog; enjoying your posts.

  4. Thanks so much for the shout-out! I will be cheering for your Packers on Sunday as well, because Aaron Rodgers is the quarterback on my fantasy team. Also, I usually cheer for my friends’ teams and I consider us friends, even though we have never met. 🙂

  5. I’ve been on vacation & then down with a dumb bee sting first one in my life. Thanks for the mention & am enjoying catching up on the blogs, keep them coming.

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